I Bike to Everything

Red bicycle against the waterfront on the embarcadero under the Bay Bridge in San Francisco

This is a website about bike commuting. It’s about getting where you want to go and enjoying the journey. We’ll discuss a range of topics to help beginners and experts alike reap the benefits of bike commuting. Because commuting doesn’t just mean getting to and from your office and home, it also covers how to you get to everything.

Bike commuting should be a worry-free, enjoyable activity. There’s so much to scare you off in urban environments, and we’ll talk about how to mitigate those fears with maneuvers and gear. Your bike rides around the city should be something you look forward to.

By reading this website, you’ll discover ways to enhance your quality of life, worry less, save money, get free exercise, and have fun while you’re at it. You’ll be able to bike to everything!

With a bicycle you have unprecedented freedom to roam whenever you see fit. You can traverse all the unexplored corners of the city in a fraction of the time, even at rush hour. A bicycle in an urban environment these days is the new easy way to get around. It’s rising to the top while the car is running into congestion pricing and gridlock. People are still fighting in vain to keep the private auto in the center of the city, but the swelling population of urban centers simply won’t allow this to sustain.

I’ll be telling you my story as well, and how I realized that my quality of life was increasing with every ride I took. I now ride almost daily around San Francisco: To work, events, bars, stores, parks, and even grocery stores. Before that, I would ride around in the dead of winter in Michigan surprising even myself at how nice winter biking could be.

I want to be clear about one thing. When I say I bike to everything, that doesn’t mean I never take other forms of transit. If you see me around the city, I’ll be walking, biking, on a bus or train, driving a car, and even riding another type of 2-wheeler. But I’ve found by far the most freedom I’ve ever felt is when I’m getting around by bike. Loving life while using nothing but my own 2 legs to propel myself forward.

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