Bike Seat Lock

Gear Recommendation: If you don’t have a locking skewer for your seatpost, buy this chain to secure your bike seat!

Bike seat lock to keep your seatpost and saddle secure.
Keep your bicycle seat and seatpost safe.

Your bike seat consists of 2 parts.

  1. The seatpost – This is the pole that fits into your bike frame. You can move this up and down to adjust the height of the seat.
  2. The saddle – This is the actual seat set atop the seatpost.

There are a few different ways to lock your bike seat. With a locking seatpost skewer (By itself or in a set), you can prevent the seatpost from being stolen. This also makes it difficult to remove the seat, since a thief would have stick an allen wrench under the seat, but far from impossible.

For a more secure saddle situation, buy a small chain such as this one. You can string it through your saddle (there should be two metal bars connected to the saddle you can loop through) and onto your frame. You can leave this lock in place and no longer have to worry about saddle or seat post theft!

Installing the bike seat lock is a cinch.

If you want to take extra precautions, use both the locking seatpost AND the chain. Or at least get a seatpost skewer that uses an allen wrench instead of a quick release. Quick releases on bikes are thief magnets, even if they realize there’s another lock on it, they’ve already taken a closer look, and that’s not what you want.

A Word of Caution

The point of this blog is convincing people that you can ride your bike to everything and not have to worry about it. Although I believe in this, it’s worth noting that bad things can and do happen, and you should be mentally prepared for this situation.

Proper locking technique and security gear go a long way, but check on your renter or home insurance plan for total peace of mind!

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